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Witness a Creative Miracle!

Watch God perform a creative miracle on film!

When Carlos was three years old, his sister was playing “doctor” with him and accidentally stuck a hairpin into his eardrum.  The damage was so extensive that the doctors had to surgically remove the entire eardrum, leaving Carlos without hearing in his left ear for almost all of his life.

Two years prior to this event, someone prayed for Carlos over the phone, and he began to have sensation in that ear, but he still couldn’t hear anything.  The night before this event, a group of Christians prayed for Carlos in Jesus’ name, and he started to hear muffled sounds as though he was deep underwater.

When Carlos came to me, all he said was that he had “hearing loss.”  I later joked that if he had told me he was missing an eardrum, I might have stopped praying ten minutes earlier!

This is what many would call a “creative miracle” — God supernaturally grew something that had been surgically removed.  Many people wonder, Has God ever healed an amputee?  I’ve heard plenty of testimonies about such healings, but this is the first time I personally witnessed someone regrow a body part that had been surgically removed.

Jesus wins!

UPDATE: A few years later (June 16, 2015), Carlos wrote to me, reporting:

Hey Art! I watched your interview on the Sid Roth show, Awesome!!!! I wanted to let you know that for the past two years I have had a yearly hearing test done for my job. Today was the second test. After I was done with the test I stepped out of the hearing booth, and the nurse began to read the results. She was so amazed because my hearing test for my left ear, the one that you prayed for, has been getting better every year. She looked at the charts again, and said this is a miracle. I shared with her how I had no ear drum, and how before when I took hearing test, the left ear always showed no activity. She was overwhelmed and began to say I have always believed in miracles. I thank Jesus all the time and will forever be grateful. I just wanted to tell you again, thank you! My life has totally changed since that day my ear was healed.
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