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God wants to fill you and empower you with His Holy Spirit.

God's desire and design for all humanity is that we would be united with Him. This is why He sent His only Son, Jesus, to set us free from sin, purify us, and transform us into living, breathing dwelling places for His Holy Spirit.

Not only does the Holy Spirit dwell within everyone who puts their faith in Christ, He also wants to empower us to do things beyond mere human ability. He gives us special gifts that reveal and glorify Jesus. As we partner with and obey Him, we are able to work miracles, heal the sick, prophesy, and more.

The Holy Spirit also empowers us to share the message of Jesus and His Father's kingdom with the world. When you live a Spirit-filled life, everything changes. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to share the message and life of Jesus everywhere you go.

Holy Spirit
Image by Clark Van Der Beken


  • 10–24 = 10% off

  • 25–49 = 20% off

  • 50–99 = 30% off

  • 100+ = 40% off

Discount is activated automatically when bulk quantities are ordered. Applies to books, DVDs, and CDs. Does not apply to digital downloads or apparel. 

Experience the Holy Spirit.

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