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Gifts of the Spirit in Everyday Life (with Q&A)

Gifts of the Spirit are powerful tools that God gives Christians to accomplish His mission in the world.  They’re not stage-shows relegated to church meetings; they’re practical demonstrations of God’s love and power that can be a normal part of your life as a believer.

In this video, Art Thomas teaches a group of believers from around the world to minister gifts of the Spirit in everyday life.

Other topics covered include:

  1. Healing ministry

  2. Deliverance ministry

  3. Discernment

  4. The difference between gifts and signs

After this meeting, a woman who had never ministered healing prayed for another woman who had failing eyesight, and that woman began to read from her small-print Bible without glasses!  Both ladies were absolutely amazed at what God had done!

This teaching (and Q&A) took place at a breakaway session at the Royal Family International “Kingdom Awakening” Conference in August of 2013.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Christian practice of “divine healing” is not to be construed as instruction or advice concerning medicine or medical treatment. No portion of this video or web site is presented as a substitute for medical care. Any discussion of “methods” or “actions” on the part of Art Thomas or other participants are not to be construed as medical training or counsel and are strictly to be perceived as a religious study and discussion of a Biblical topic.  People claiming testimonies of healing are encouraged to consult with a medical professional for an official decision on their health condition.

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