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Art Thomas, missionary-evangelist

Art Thomas

CEO of Supernatural Truth

Join me.

Let's share Jesus together.

Have you been impacted by our work here at Supernatural Truth? Join our team today by choosing whichever monthly partnership best suits you.

All partnership money goes directly into the operational costs of this online ministry, enabling us to hire staff and expand our reach while also giving away materials to prisoners, missionaries, and people in need.

It would be an honor to have you on my team!

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  • 50 partners = Our movie Paid in Full becomes free.

  • 100 partners = Our movie Voice of God becomes free.

  • 250 partners = All future movies are streamed online for free.

Choose how you'd like to partner with us:

Help spread the gospel and multiply God's kingdom.

  • VIP

    Every month
    By partnering with Supernatural Truth Productions, you're spreading the gospel around the world.
    • Unlimited streaming of present and future STP films.
    • Free access to the 8-session Power Evangelism e-Course.
    • VIP access to STP online events.
    • Help fuel a global ministry and spread the full gospel.
  • All-Access Pass

    Every month
    Be mentored and trained in Spirit-filled ministry.
    • Unlimited streaming of present & future STP films.
    • Unlimited access to all STP e-courses & training videos.
    • Help fuel a global ministry and spread the full gospel.
    • Exclusive 30% discount on all products in our store.
    • Access to monthly 1-hour Zoom call with Art Thomas & guests.
    • VIP access to STP online events.
    • Receive a free copy of new products as they're released.
    • One STP product per month will be given to someone in need.
  • Associate Producer

    Every month
    Join the production team and be a catalyst for future film projects and courses.
    • EVERYTHING in the All-Access Pass
    • Be named as an assoc. producer in credits of future films.
    • Be a pre-screener of upcoming films and provide feedback.

Your partnership matters.

Supernatural Truth Productions LLC is a for-profit business, but we operate differently than most and rely on people like you who want to be part of sharing so much free material with the world. Memberships are not tax-deductible, but you do receive goods in kind, which means they wouldn't be tax-deductible even if we were a nonprofit. Thank you so much for helping reach the world.

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