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Man standing outside near a Christian cross

If you or someone you love needs physical healing, we want to help. We believe Jesus paid for that healing, and we want to do everything we reasonably can to minister to you and provide you with quality resources.

Even though we’re a for-profit publishing company, we believe the gospel should be free of charge. So below is our recommended list of free material on our web site, which we hope will be a blessing to you:

Jesus Wants YOU to be Healed

This free audio is a half-hour and includes:

  • a brief teaching by Art Thomas about God’s will to heal,

  • healing ministry by Art Thomas, and

  • 10 minutes of instrumental piano music by James Loruss.

Feel free to download and share this audio, provided it is done so in its entirety and is offered free of charge and without collecting advertising royalties. We want it to be truly free and offered without any ulterior motives. 

If you’d like to order this audio on a CD (which includes a gospel presentation and healing scriptures printed inside the case), you can learn more here or simply click the “Add to Cart” button:


Free Healing Ministry Videos

The following videos are full-length teachings by Art Thomas, presented in the best order to watch them: