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The True Healing Power of God – Evidence of Scars being Healed!


In the first two pictures above, you can see various scars I used to have on my face. In the first picture, I was 17, and in the second picture, I was 18. Shortly after that, though, was the healing I’m about to share with you, which resulted in the third picture, taken when I was 19.

(Keep reading… At the end, we’ll pray for YOUR healing!)

The most obvious scars were on my chin. It’s a little hard to tell, but there were also big scars on my cheeks, nose, and forehead—they were just sunburned in the photos, so they show up pink (click the images for a larger view).

I received these scars from borderline third-degree burns (technically still classified as second-degree) when I was 16 years old. The doctor said they would never go away, and my dermatologist said that in the slim chance that they would disappear, it would take 7 years because that’s how long it takes a human skin cell to regenerate.

A few years into having the scars, I became upset with God—I don’t recommend that, but it’s just where I was at the time. I said, “God, what’s the point? You’re not getting any glory from these scars! Children are afraid of me. It’s embarassing. Why would you make me live with these scars?”

Suddenly, a picture popped into my mind of Jesus after the resurrection when he told Thomas to put his fingers where the nails had been and touch where the spear entered His side. I sensed the Lord saying, “I didn’t just take the punishment for your sin so that you wouldn’t have to, but I also—even now—bear scars so that you don’t have to!”

I quickly put my hands on my face and said, “Jesus, take the scars!”

I ran to the bathroom mirror to look.  Can you guess what happened?


But I held onto that word from God and did the same thing every morning. Within three weeks, they disappeared completely—2.5 years into having them and 4.5 years before the dermatologist said it was humanly possible! To this day, the only remaining physical evidence I have of those scars is a little patch of white hair that grows in my beard where one used to be (and I technically shouldn’t be able to grow a beard because of the dead cells that once formed the scars!). Any time someone points out the white, I get to share this testimony with them! God is so awesome!

That’s not the only time I’ve been healed, though. As a baby, I was diagnosed with an “incurable” heart murmur; but my parents had our church pray for me, and I was miraculously healed. As a matter of fact, my medical record still shows the heart murmer even though the doctors agree that I no longer have one!

Then there was my broken back that was healed back in mid-2007. Long story short, I dislocated some vertebrae and pinched some discs, which rendered me unable to walk or even move without excruciating pain. I spent two weeks sleeping on a mattress on the floor of our living room before I begged to be taken to my church. There, during the morning prayer time, I was laying on the floor in pain. My pastor prayed one of the simplest prayers: “Father, I hate seeing Art hurt like this! Would You please do something?” Immediately, I felt and heard a series of pops as my spine went perfectly into place! Previously, my torso was shifted about 4-6 inches to the right of my hips, but now my spine was perfectly straight! I returned to the physical therapist on Monday walking upright (only a slight limp from a pulled muscle in my hip). I got to share the Gospel with the therapist and his assistant, and the assistant rededicated her life to the Lord! She had not been to church since she was married about a decade prior, but now she could see the power of God!

Another favorite testimony of mine: I had bulging discs and degenerative disc disease that tormented me for four years until I was healed in April of 2011. I couldn’t lift more than 30 pounds without becoming bedridden for two weeks at a time. Today, I’m fine, and even helped my brother move into a new house a few weeks ago. Jesus healed!

I could go on for hours with these stories. I’ve been healed of tendonitis in my right shoulder, Attention Deficit Disorder, a degenerative tooth disease that was making my teeth fall apart, stomach ulcers, chronic sinusitis, and more. I’m still healed of every one of these conditions!

I KNOW God’s healing power and the TRUTH that by the whipping Christ endured, we are healed! I can say with confidence that you too can be healed supernaturally in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

If you need any sort of physical healing, I want you to do something right now. Place your hand (or both hands) wherever the problem is…


Seriously… Did you do it?  …Alright!

…Be healed in Jesus’ name.

Now I want you to do something you couldn’t do before. If you couldn’t bend over, try it out. If you couldn’t move something, move it. If you couldn’t walk, walk. If you were deaf or partially deaf, turn on some music and test it out. If you were blind or partially blind, start looking around—no glasses; just the eyes God gave you! If it was pain, move around and see what happens.

Whatever you couldn’t do before, do it now.

If you can see that you’re healed, I want to hear about it! Please share your testimony as a comment on this post.

Feel free to e-mail these pictures and testimony to your friends to show proof of God’s healing power…I’d love to fill the comments of this article with testimonies about the effectiveness of Jesus’ blood!

Be blessed! –Art

P.S. – Today is five years since the launch of! Thanks for your participation!

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