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SupernaturalTruth.com is an online resource for those who desire to experience, proclaim, and demonstrate the supernatural power and love of God.

Personally, I’m a fan of reality. I’ve spent years of my life studying world religions, digging through the Scriptures, discussing spiritual things, and testing the claims of others. Do you know what I found? Only one book has the consistency of content, practical application, and supernatural confirmation to back up its validity. Today we call it the Holy Bible. More importantly, the same Jesus it proclaims is just as relevant and powerful today as He was when those pages were first penned. God is real, and He wants to have a relationship with you.

This web site is not simply about informational learning. Rather, it is about experiential spirituality that works.

There are many religions and beliefs that offer emotional or cultural benefits, but they’re all based on belief systems and rules rather than being based on relationship with a Person.  Real Christianity is different.

  • Real Christianity is a relationship; not a religion.
  • Real Christianity is a family; not an organization.
  • Real Christianity is a journey of love; not a list of rules.

Only Jesus offers physical healing, authority over evil spirits, and true forgiveness and freedom. Only Jesus can offer the “fullness of life” for which every person on this planet is searching. Only Jesus paved the way for you to be whole, fulfilled, and free; and He did it when you least deserved it.

This is Supernatural Truth.

Throughout this web site, I will share with you the glimpses of God’s goodness and power that I have thus far encountered. My desire is to echo what Jesus Himself said:

John 8:38I am telling you what I have seen in the Father’s presence… (NIV84)

I pray that you will be able to apply and multiply everything you read and learn here. May the Holy Spirit – the Spirit of Truth – guide you into all truth.

There is only one Supernatural Truth.
His name is Jesus.

God bless,