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Be the new creation.

If you have surrendered your life to Jesus, then you are a new creation. His Spirit has taken up residence in you, and you will never be the same again.


That’s the heartbeat of Kainos Publishing. “Kainos” (Greek: καινος) is a word that means “new.” It is used in the Bible when Jesus talked about “new wineskins” (the flexible and willing people to whom Jesus was entrusting the “new wine” of His Kingdom), “new creations” (that’s every believer in whom the Holy Spirit dwells), and the “New Covenant” (God’s present-day promise of grace and personal transformation through the inner working of the Holy Spirit).


We’re here to help you understand, embrace, and thrive in the new identity you were given in Christ when you became a new creation. Our books tell the good news about Jesus—the gospel—in a way that you can easily apply to your life. We believe every Christian should have a clear understanding of their identity in Christ so that they can be all they were designed to be. Kainos books are practical, relevant, and life-changing.


Kainos Publishing is an imprint of Supernatural Truth Productions, LLC.


What new thing is God doing in you?

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