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You Are Ready to Minister Healing!

Art Thomas preaches in the inner city of Brooklyn, New York, about God’s desire to minister healing through every believer.  Multiple chronic conditions were healed as the people ministered to each other.  You’ll witness two women healed of hearing loss in front of everyone.  Every single person who could test their condition received healing.  The only partial exception was a woman who had four cysts on her neck — one disappeared and the other three shrank significantly, so she didn’t leave empty-handed!  Discover how you too can partner with God to minister healing to those around you.

Healings reported at this meeting included:

  1. Two women healed of hearing loss

  2. Three people with problems in their right shoulders

  3. One had been suffering for 3 years after an accident and surgery,

  4. One had been in pain for 2 or 3 years,

  5. One had been having problems for a couple of months.

  6. Back pain (3 weeks)

  7. Abdominal discomfort

  8. Sinus infection and chest pain

  9. Headache

  10. Fibromyalgia

  11. Sharp pain shooting up the back (3 or 4 years)

  12. Left hip pain (5 years)

  13. Knee problems (17 years)

  14. Cyst on the neck

Jesus wins again!

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The Christian practice of “divine healing” is not to be construed as instruction or advice concerning medicine or medical treatment. No portion of this video or web site is presented as a substitute for medical care. Any discussion of “methods” or “actions” on the part of Art Thomas or other participants are not to be construed as medical training or counsel and are strictly to be perceived as a religious study and discussion of a Biblical topic.  People claiming testimonies of healing are encouraged to consult with a medical professional for an official decision on their health condition.

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