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Why is Healing Ministry Important?

Why is healing ministry important? Why do I risk my life and my reputation for it?

Is it because of my ego? No. I’ve never seen pride open deaf ears and blind eyes, so that’s not it.

Is it because I enjoy it? No. While it may be true that I enjoy seeing people healed, I have to be real about all the people who aren’t healed. That can be frustrating–especially when Jesus taught that my lack of faith is the reason. So while effective healing ministry is enjoyable, the truth is that the trenches are messy, difficult, and occasionally heartbreaking. If I were seeking my own enjoyment, I’d definitely choose a different ministry.

Or is it because of all the suffering people out there? Again, no. I’m sorry if that tarnished your view of me as a great humanitarian, but I have to be honest. I wish I could say I had that much compassion for the human condition. The truth is, that’s just too big of a burden for any of us to carry.

Why is healing ministry important? I’ll tell you why: Jesus paid for it.

I know that sounds simple, but let me tell you why it’s a big deal.

Imagine I bought you a brand new car and told you that it would be delivered soon. It’s exactly the car you wish you had, with all the features you desire. And there’s no catch–I simply did it because I love you. It’s yours–my gift to you.

Would it make any sense for you to now take out a loan to purchase a car for yourself? No. And it would be even more ridiculous to take out that loan for an old, used “junker.”

“Thanks for spending all that money on a new car for me, but I’m just going to spend what little money I have on this old thing. Maybe when this car dies and I finally run out of money to buy more used cars, then we can talk about the new car you bought me.”

Ridiculous, right?

But this is what we do with healing. Jesus already paid the price for the complete healing of every human being who will ever live, but we consider that a last resort.  We put our faith in science until it fails us, and then we say things like, “All we can do now is pray.”

If I bought you a car, but circumstances kept delaying me from getting it to you, then it might make sense for you to go buy a junker to use in the mean time. But don’t waste your money until we have at least made an effort to unite you with your new vehicle!

To buy a junker when I’m about to give you a new car would be a slap in my face! For this reason, whenever my wife or I have a physical problem–even something as simple as a headache–we command healing first. Most of the time, it works. Only when it doesn’t work do we go for the pill bottle.

When I’m out ministering, I often have people come to me who say things like, “I have a problem with my hip, but that’s not why I came to you.  My niece has cancer, and she’s in much worse condition. Could you please pray for her?”

“Sure,” I answer, “As soon as we’re done with this hip…”

Many people feel like it would be selfish to ask God for their own healing when there are so many others in worse conditions. Wrong. What’s selfish is withholding from Jesus the reward for His suffering.

Imagine you went to Walmart and bought yourself the biggest big-screen television they have. Let’s suppose it cost $3,000. Now imagine that you take your new TV home, open the box, and discover that the box is empty! How would you respond? If you’re anything like me, you’d be outraged! You would go back to Walmart and demand that you receive the television you paid for!

Jesus paid a price far higher than a measly $3,000.

Our Lord deserves to receive everything He paid for–that includes both mankind’s reconciliation with God and mankind’s physical healing.

Healing ministry isn’t about you. It isn’t about me. It isn’t even about all the suffering people in the world.

Suffering people are already receiving what their sins deserve (actually, they deserve worse…death). The problem is that Jesus already took the penalty for what their sins deserve…so there’s no sense both of them bearing it! They NEED to be healed–not for their own sakes, but for Jesus’ sake.

Healing ministry is all about the Lamb who was slain.  To Him, it’s all about the people; to me, it’s all about Him.

I minister healing because I am madly in love with Jesus, and I want the desires of His heart to be fulfilled. He revealed those desires three times: First, through the prophets who foretold His role as Healer; second, through the unstoppable healing ministry He carried out when He walked this earth; and third, through the lashes He endured at the whipping post for your healing and mine.

Why is healing ministry important? Simple: Jesus decided it was important–important enough to endure the scourging of His flesh on our behalf. I’ll give my life to see my King, my Friend, my Companion, and my God receive everything He desires–especially when He has already paid the highest price ever paid in order to purchase those yet-unfulfilled dreams.

Healing ministry is important.

Jesus paid the price.

God bless, –Art–