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Miraculous Healing (Resurrection?) – Please Pray for Salvation!

Our God still works miracles! Today I received a phone call from my parents who couldn’t wait to share a testimony of God’s power.

A man was added to the prayer list at their little Tennessee church who had been in the hospital after a serious accident. Not even 40 years old and now brain dead, the family was faced with the impossible decision to take him off life support, which they did.

My parents and their church prayed for the family as requested.

My mom, however, said she felt in her spirit that this man was supposed to live, so she prayed that God would heal him and raise him up. The next day, the man—no longer braindead and dying—was fully awake and walking around!

I want to invite you to pray with us for salvations in the man’s family. A physical miracle like this shouldn’t go without spiritual results. Please pray that the Holy Spirit makes opportunities to share the Gospel with the family and that they are receptive.

God bless! –Art

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