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Encouraged People are Dangerous

This sermon was preached at Mount Hope Church in Lansing, Michigan on October 28, 2012.  In this video, you’ll not only learn about the supernatural power of encouragement, but you’ll see footage of God’s power at work — both around the world and right there in the meeting as several people are instantly healed during the message.  Find out how encouragement can be used “to destroy the works of the devil.”  Encouraged people are dangerous!


After the message, I prayed for everyone who was willing to wait for ministry.  Many diverse conditions were instantly, miraculously healed by Jesus, including:

  1. Back pain

  2. Hip problems

  3. Breathing difficulty

  4. Headaches

  5. a golf-ball-sized tumor on a woman’s wrist

  6. and more!

The tumor on the woman’s wrist was somehow wrapped around a nerve, so the doctor told her that it couldn’t be removed without causing damage.  At the name of Jesus, it disappeared in front of our eyes within a matter of about three to five minutes!

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