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Greetings from London!

I’m on my way to Africa to train and encourage pastors and their congregations and to share the message and power of the Gospel with the lost. Can it get any better than this?

I suppose it could be better if my wife and son were here, but then I’d probably be more focused on their safety than on the mission to which God has called me. I miss them, but the reward of proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom makes the price ridiculously small.

Please pray for me during these next couple weeks. The plan is to meet my contact in Kenya tomorrow afternoon, stay the night there, and then travel to Uganda to minister for the next couple weeks.

Each time I pray for this trip, I start to imagine all the things I would love to see happen: souls being saved, physical healings, deliverance from evil spirits, and even the raising of the dead. I still expect these things to happen, but deep inside, I keep sensing what I believe is the Holy Spirit saying, “Those are all little demons. I don’t need to send you to Africa to do what the local believers already know how to do.” I am convinced that there is a purpose for my being there—a purpose that is specific to me and my calling—and that excites me!

I don’t know what dangers or adventures I’ll face, but I do know that God is all-powerful and that He is with me. I do not know if I will have the opportunity to write during the next couple weeks, but you can expect a full report when I return.

In the mean time, please intercede for this mission. I truly appreciate it.

God bless, –Art

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