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Gospel Houses Book Cover Design
Gospel Houses Book Cover Design

A new book from Art Thomas

Spirit-filled house church meeting

Experience revival in your living room.

Transform your home into a hub of miracles and disciple making.

Discover the Path to Authentic Discipleship and Spirit-Filled Community

Are you a Spirit-filled Christian who longs for more than just Sunday services and surface-level teachings? Do you desire to make a real impact and fulfill Jesus's mission of making disciples? If so, Gospel Houses will show you the path forward.


In Gospel Houses, church planter and missionary-evangelist Art Thomas, shares time-tested insights and experiences to guide you on a remarkable journey of encountering God, building Spirit-filled house churches, and effectively making disciples.


This book unveils the secrets to:


  1. Making Disciples: Learn how to effectively make disciples and gather them in your home to encounter God together. Discover the joy of partnering with Jesus and His people in fulfilling the Great Commission.

  2. Facilitating Powerful Gatherings: Unlock the full potential of your meetings by creating an environment where spiritual gifts, miracles, deliverances, salvations, baptisms, and transformed lives are the norm.

  3. Following the Holy Spirit: Whether you feel confident or hesitant in leading others, this book provides practical guidance on following the Holy Spirit's leading with humble confidence, pointing people to Jesus.

  4. Leading Spirit-Filled Believers: Gospel Houses offers invaluable principles and guidance for leading a group of Spirit-filled believers through interactive meetings where everyone has something to share.

  5. Growing and Organizing: Discover how to navigate the challenges of organizing and serving a growing network of house churches while maintaining the focus on small, disciple-making churches that gather in homes.


This book provides you with the tools and knowledge to create a vibrant lifestyle of making disciples who make disciples. Discover how to welcome Jesus into your home, allowing Him to reveal Himself, teach you and your friends, and transform lives.


Be part of this transformative movement. Order your copy of Gospel Houses today and start your journey toward authentic discipleship, Spirit-filled community, and a life devoted to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Man holding a copy of Gospel Houses by Art Thomas
House church gathering
Missionary-evangelist Art Thomas

Art Thomas is the founding pastor of Roots Church, a Spirit-filled network of house churches in Metro Detroit. He has preached in twenty countries and has helped plant churches, train nearly two thousand pastors, and build an orphanage in the bush of Uganda. He also travels the United States, training churches in healing ministry, hearing God’s voice, power evangelism, and Spirit-filled living. Art and his wife, Robin, live with their two boys, Josiah and Jeremiah, in Romulus, Michigan.

Gospel Houses cover design

See what others are saying about Gospel Houses...

Missionary-evangelist Daniel Kolenda from Christ for All Nations

The declaration of the gospel and the ministry of discipleship are personal, relational, and interactive. When you partner with the Holy Spirit to reach those within your circle of influence, even your home can become an epicenter for salvations, healings, miracles, deliverance, spiritual growth, and meaningful connections with other believers. In Gospel Houses, Art Thomas will expand your perspective of church community and accelerate true disciple making right under your own roof.


Daniel Kolenda

President, Christ for All Nations

Missionary Heidi Baker from Iris Global

At Iris Ministries, we have huge respect for the house-church model. It’s the primary way our friends and neighbors in Mozambique receive pastoral care. In Southeast Asia, where we also lived and worked for years, house churches remain some of the most beautiful and committed gatherings we have ever seen. In the west, we saw home gatherings beginning to thrive in a special way during the pandemic. If you are seeking to work for the kingdom in this way, Art Thomas has written a book of strong practical advice. Gospel Houses is well worth reading for anyone who feels called to the ministry of making disciples, whether as a leader or simply as a faithful follower of Christ.


Heidi Baker, Ph.D.

Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, Iris Global

General Superintendent Doug Clay from the Assemblies of God, USA

The Church is the primary agency that God is using to expand his kingdom here on earth. In his book Gospel Houses, Art shares a model of Great Commission church planting through house-church networks. He writes from the perspective of a healthy practitioner, not just a theorist. Art has a deep passion to see the church of Jesus grow and expand through disciple making in the home.


Doug Clay

General Superintendent, Assemblies of God

Evangelist Chris Overstreet from Compassion to Action

I am always inspired by individuals who focus on making disciples through keeping it simple. In Gospel Houses, Art Thomas does just that. Without dismantling the church through criticism of what she is not doing, Art chooses to lift up our eyes to see the harvest is ripe and ready, and we need all hands on deck.


I have known Art for years and have admired his passion to equip the body of Christ to become fruitful and fulfill the Great Commission. From firsthand experience of planting churches in Africa and America, Art longs to see the everyday Christian discover they, too, can make disciples. And after gleaning from his insights in Gospel Houses, I find myself inspired to be more effective in making disciples who will, in turn, make disciples.


If you have bitterness in your heart toward the church and are looking for a book that will justify your bitterness, well, this is not that book. But if your heart is tender and soft to the rest of the body of Christ and you’re seeking how you, too, can be part of the house-church movement, this book will encourage you. Gospel Houses offers keys that will help you take steps toward being a fruitful disciple maker.


Chris Overstreet

Founder, Compassion to Action

Dr. Jamie Morgan from the Trailblazer Mentoring Network

With the wisdom of a pastor, the heart of an evangelist, the fire of a revivalist, the clarity of a prophet, and the theological accuracy of a Bible scholar, Art Thomas, with his years of experience in leading a house-church network, brings us back to a pure and simple devotion to Christ. Gospel Houses is more than a handbook on how to form a house church; it’s a timeless and anointed mentor in a movement that God’s Spirit is exploding around the globe. We can either embrace or reject God’s move upon the hearts of believers to make disciples as expressed in house churches. I embrace it.


Jamie Morgan, D.Min.

Director, Trailblazer Mentoring Network

Pastor, author, and revivalist Josh Adkins

Art Thomas has a way of challenging, if not upending, the church’s status quo without pride or prejudice. Littered with historical documentation and fruit-filled anecdotal evidence, this book challenges us to reexamine the merits of traditional meeting models. With intelligence, wit, and wisdom, Art inspires every saint to be equipped and empowered to carry Christ’s gospel torch.


Josh Adkins

Director of School of Ministry, Kingdom Church—St. Louis, MO

Founder, Loft Church—Herrin, IL

YouTube influencer and itinerant minister Justin Knoop

It’s not often that you find a book that can both challenge us to rethink our current understanding of church and provide the practical steps to moving toward the vibrant life God designed for his people. Art has done that here in Gospel Houses—a resource that is just as valuable to the brand-new believer as it is to the seasoned church planter. By getting into the DNA of the church, Art shows us what it is that makes a community of faith thrive. This will certainly be a book I go back to time and time again for wisdom and encouragement to move forward.


Justin Knoop

Unshakable Kingdom

Evangelist and house church pastor Jesse Comrie

Jesus’s standing instruction in the Great Commission is to go, make disciples, baptize them, and teach them to obey. Every believer is called to make disciples of the people around them. Gospel Houses will challenge and equip you to do just that. Through his years of diverse ministry experience and deep biblical understanding, Art Thomas provides a framework for fruitful ministry that is accessible to all believers. It is evident throughout the book that Art deeply loves the body of Christ and desires to empower believers to live out their God-given purpose to reach the lost and advance the kingdom of God on earth. You can become a disciple maker, and your house can be a gospel house.


Jesse Comrie

President, Global Renewal Inc.

Gospel Houses - house church training books
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House church parying for someone

Be part of the movement, and order Gospel Houses today.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Joel Comiskey
A Note to My Friends in Conventional Churches



1)  Turning Homes into Sanctuaries
2)  What Is a Church?
3)  Gospel House DNA
4)  Understanding House Church

5)  Making Disciples Who Make Disciples
6)  Making Disciples Is a Team Sport
7)  Freedom for Bodies and Souls
8)  Spiritual Gifts in the Home
9)  Trainers and Equippers


10)  Forming a House Church
11)  Like It or Not, You’re a Leader
12)  The Practical Side of Shepherding
13)  Creating an Environment Where Sheep Thrive
14)  Love and Messes
15)  Shepherding New Creations
16)  Welcoming Jesus by Welcoming Children
17)  Following the Holy Spirit



18)  Multiplying House Churches
19)  Joining God’s Global Plan
20)  Closing a House Church
21)  Establishing a Network
22)  Partnering with God in Revival



About the Author


Appendix A:  Qualifications of a House-Church Pastor
Appendix B:  Discipleship Pathway
Appendix C:  Ideas for Group Evangelism
Appendix D:  Tips for Hosting New Believers
Appendix E:  Tips for Facilitating Discussion
Appendix F:  Advice for Conventional Church Leaders
Appendix G:  Recommended Resources



House church training book on a table

442 pages

Gospel Houses cover design

What if miracles, healings, and deliverances were normal occurrences in your home?

Imagine Jesus walked through your front door and sat down on your couch. What would you expect to happen? Who would you invite? 


What if this happened every week?


This is what it’s like to have a gospel house. As you and other Christians gather in your home, Jesus reveals himself through a conversation where you and your friends are free to express spiritual gifts, explore the Scriptures, share insights, and more. Together, you share communion, worship God, and pray for one another. You might even share a meal. Miracles become normal, lives are transformed, and disciples are made.


This is church in its simplest form—an encounter with Jesus, expressed through his gathered people—and you can host such a meeting in your own home. You don’t need permission to make disciples; you were already commissioned to go. 

Discover the joy and simplicity of learning from Jesus in your living room. With a few friends, a Bible, the Holy Spirit, and place to meet, your house can be a gospel house.

Gospel Houses: How Everyday Christians Can Make Disciples at Home
Spirit-filled Christians ministering to each other in a house church

Join the movement.

  • Learn practical strategies for starting and growing a thriving house church community.

  • Develop a deeper understanding of discipleship and its transformative power.

  • Activate and operate in spiritual gifts as an integral part of your house church experience.

  • Encounter personal and communal revival.

Unlock the big picture of God's plan for your life. Get your copy of Gospel Houses today, and embark on a journey that will forever change the way you experience church.

Gospel Houses house church book cover design
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